Arming Pilots

Topics: Aircraft hijacking, September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 20, 2013

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On September 5, 2002 The Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program was created so pilots could carry a .40 caliber handgun. The program also increased anti-terrorism terrorism training for flight attendants. By the year 2013 Obama’s Administration is going to decrease the FFDOs funding by cutting it nearly in half. The White House is also going to cut funding for The Federal Air Marshal Service come 2013. Cutting founds from two of the best security options in airline safety doesn’t seem like a rational option for the safety of the United States.

Some say a pilot is just a pilot; his only focus should be on flying from point A to point B. Others will even argue that if our pilot carries a weapon it gives hijackers more of an opportunity to take control of the plane. Accidental shooting during an incident or hijacking could also be a questionable issue. Even scarier, an airline pilot that goes haywire and kills the people on the plane. However, never has anything of that sort taken place since Bush Administration passed FFDO.

Cutting the funds of The Federal Flight Deck Officer program and The Federal Air Marshal Service would put American lives in harm’s way and it should be strongly opposed. The fund for the FFDO stands at Twenty-five million right now and by 2013 it will be cut in half and dropped down to twelve and a half million. The Federal Air Marshal Service will be cut by thirty-six and a half million but will stay with a steady ninety-six point six million. FFDO will suffer immensely with predictions of the end of the FFDO program. Armed pilots act as a last defense during a hijacking; having securer locks in the cockpit and an air marshal don’t work one-hundred percent of the time. If hijackers were trying to breach the cockpit the pilots have time to brace themselves to shoot down the hijackers due to the better secured door planes have now, but they can be broken down easily by banging it with the food cart a couple times....
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