Arnold Palmer Hospital Flowchart

Topics: Childbirth, Infant, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: December 25, 2011
John A. Voorhees
Module 2 Case
OPM 300: Introduction to Operations Management
Dr. Joseph Michael Thomas
21 December 2011

Arnold Palmer Hospital
The flowchart that Diane designed is perfect. Diane’s flowchart explains the process in detail of how Arnold Palmer Hospital began the procedure. Being Diane’s new assistant, we can improve the flowchart by being more precise. The flowchart can be presented in small point and explain the process and flow of maternity patients. The flowchart can also be classified into the birth mothers having complications and mothers having zero complications, so any caretaker of the birth mother can read the criteria. The information regarding the floors like registration, labor and triage room, the delivery room should be mentioned in a different way or highlighted so, the birth mother’s relative or caretaker don’t have problems locating them in the hospital.

Step 1 – Entrance to labor & delivery room
Step 2 – If the baby is born en route or the birth is imminent; they are registered, taken to bedside Step 3 – If the baby is not born yet, the front desk asks the mother for preregistered, for this they have to go to the registration office located on the 1st floor of the hospital Step 4 – The pregnant mother is taken to Labor & delivery Triage located on the 8th floor for assessment Step 5 – If mother is ready for delivery, she is sent to the Labor & Delivery room on the 2nd floor until the baby is born Step 6 – If the mother is not ready to deliver, she is sent home to return on a later date & reenter the system at that time Step 7 – When the baby is born and no complications, the mother and baby are transferred to a mother-baby care unit room on floors 3, 4, or 5 for 40-44 hours Step 8 – If the birth mother has complications, she is taken to an operation room or ICU unit. Complications for the infant should be kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NIUC) before...

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