Art Appreciation Art Critique

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James Sullivan
October 8, 2014
Art Appreciation

Art Critique
Professor Arrighi

The name of the artist who created the artwork is Will Ryman. The artwork is a series of sculptures of gigantic roses. The name of the artwork is called Rose on 65th Street. The artwork was created in 2011. One major event that happened during this time is when Osama Bin Laden was found & murdered. The only literal object in the artwork is a building. The first thing I noticed in the artwork was the roses because they are the focal point. I see all warm colors in this piece. I see circles & rectangular shapes inside this piece. This artwork shows vertical lines. The artwork has rough textures in it. If I would guess, I’d say the time of day is noon this this piece. The overall mood is peace due to the fact it is nature.

The artist used colors to describe to work to be realistic. The effects make the sculpture look 3D. He used shapes for the roses, bugs and stems. Lines have been used to make the roses look radial and they play a dominant role. Texture is also a dominant role because it makes the whole sculpture look realistic. The artist used light for the shadows.

The artist statement in his work was to appreciate nature. I believe it actually means to enjoy living things such as roses and bugs. This relates to my life because I live by a simple motto, “Live Positive”. The feelings I have when I look at this are warm, genuine and calm. I believe the artwork is self-explanatory. I believe that the artist chose to make this piece to show his ability of making mankind out of simple nature.

This work has intrinsic value simply because it is a beautiful work of art. I believe other people would appreciate the work just like I have. The effect it would have on others it the principle to respect the little things in beauty. The artwork does not lack value nor worth at all because the artist got his message across by...

Cited: Frist Center, Kandinsky A Retrospective, September 26- January 4, 2015.
Will Ryman, At the Frist.
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