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Topics: Sculpture, Clothing, Human Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 7, 2014
Canova, Psyche Awakened by Cupid’s Kiss, Neoclassical (18th c) When looking at Psyche Awakened by Cupid’s Kiss, I am able to see plenty of movement and rhythm. This sculpture shows rhythm through the mans wings as they seem to be high in the air as well as the women’s arms as she reaches to wrap her arms around the mans head. There is also rhythm in this sculpture as shown by the wings and the draping pieces of clothes. This is an example of rhythm because it draws your eyes from one part of the sculpture to another through the directions of the wings, arms, and clothes. This sculpture not only displays rhythm and movement, but also unity. Each piece of the sculpture is placed in a certain spot so that they all can build on each other and tie together to form a complete sculpture. There isn’t much variation in this sculpture because it is all one color and it isn’t a complicated sculpture. The color is mostly an off-white color (or beige). There are only two human figures as well as a set of wings and a draping piece of cloth. There is no symmetry in this sculpture because no two sides are the same. However, there is a little bit of gradation. There seems to be a small amount of gradation on the sculpture where some areas are a bit darker than others. It looks like a shadow on the sculpture, which accents different parts of the two humans and the clothing. The texture of this sculpture is different depending on which part of the sculpture you are looking at. If you look at the skin of the humans, you can see a more smooth texture whereas on the hair of the humans, there is a more rough texture. The wings and clothing have a smooth texture but there are also folds that create a little bit of a more bumpy texture. Line is also an important element of this sculpture. There are plenty of lines that are used to form shaped and draw your eyes from one end of the sculpture to the other. For example, the lines of the wings draw your eyes down to the humans’ faces as...
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