Ashley Aiden, Kamryn and Their Battle with Preeclampsia

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September 4, 2014

Ashley, Aiden, Kamryn and Their Battle with Preeclampsia

My oldest of two sisters, Ashely, experienced high blood pressure during both of her pregnancies. Both of my nieces, Aiden and Kamryn, were born prematurely due to a condition that my sister was diagnosed with during her two pregnancies called Preeclampsia. This condition caused Ashley to develop significant swelling and ultimately ended up on complete bed rest until the doctors determined that induced labor was the best alternative. Preeclampsia is a serious condition that effects some pregnant women and can have serious, sometimes even fatal, consequences to both the mother and the child, or both.

When my family became aware that Ashley had this condition with her first daughter (Aiden), we were concerned and possibly kept a more vigilant eye on my sister and the baby’s upcoming delivery. Naturally due to the diagnoses of Preeclampsia we were aware that Aiden’s birth would more than likely be early. At 33 weeks Ashley’s OB/GYN recommended for her to be induced for the safety of both mother and baby. Consequently, my family and I were all able to be present at little Aiden’s birth. Not that we weren’t as concerned for Ashley and my second niece, Kamryn, but knowing what to expect, to some degree, baby Kamryn’s birth came more quickly. Even though she was born a week later than Aiden at 34 weeks! Since my family had been through this before, our more laid back approach caused my mother to think we had more time before Kamryn’s delivery and sent me on an errand which caused me to miss the actual birth of my second niece, Kamryn. When I left to run the errand for my mom, Ashley was only dilated to 6 cm and before I could return she had dilated to 10 cm and baby Kamryn was on the way! When I got back to her hall there were doctors and nurses rushing into the room. I was asking everyone going in what was going on, but no one would tell me what...
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