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Ashley Teschendorf
English IV

Thesis Statement: The birth of every child is a complex process. Neonatal nurses have been around for decades to be by a patient’s side during the birth of a newborn child. Neonatal nurses take care of premature babies during the duration of their stay at a hospital. Neonatal nurses can also be categorized as neonatal or pediatric nurses depending on the age group they serve. I: History

A: Kennedys baby Patrick’s death.
B: How it evolved from then to now.
II: The requirements
A: The caring, warm patient nature.
B: Good communication, responsibility and consistent
III: Duties
A: Taking care of a newborn
B: Making sure the job gets done
IV: Three types of levels
A: One, two and three
B: Describing them
V: Education
A: Schooling
B: Effort it takes
Conclusion: Nursery nurses specialize in taking care of premature babies. They are a unique because; only the best of the best qualify for this job.

August 9th, 1963 was the day medical nurses played a different roll. On that day President John F. Kennedy became a father to Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. Patrick was born five weeks and a half early, weighing four pounds and ten and half ounces. Patrick was rushed back to Boston, back then the neonatal intensive care unit was not around. Patrick died 39 hours later after birth. His death sparked interest in the study of prematurity of newborn babies (Altman). Over the past few decades, new inventions were created for the intensive care unit. The first invention of this time period was the incubator which, was created on May 14th, 1891 and later becoming more transmittable. The incubator could now travel around the hospital without touching the baby or more harm for the baby (The History of Neonatal Intensive Care Units). Also the first techniques to get blood from a newborn baby was discovered at this time period. Although the techniques were becoming more advance the babies were still dying due to diseases and medicine that was not given to them. New technology like the ROI can help out in today’s world. It’s a program where it monitors a baby’s moment outside a mother’s room. Also helps with not mixing the newborn babies up in the intensive care unit. The technology around us has changed overall. Neonatal nurses only get better with time as well.

Like all jobs, neonatal nursing also have requirements and duties to newborns. The duties are working with newborns which is a strong tolerance because, babies do cry. Neonatal nurses have to do a series of test and register as a nurse. During your nursing program, nurses may want to enroll in classes like pediatrics and neonatology. Some employers want you to have work experience with infants or in the intensive care unit, however, employer's requisites can vary, and you may withal need supplemental, formal inculcation or training. These nurses work with medicos as well as other nurses in a clinic or hospital to avail mothers learn about motherhood. Some of the duties involved in neonatal care include giving the mother medication, running various tests, and of course, recording vitals on her and other information on her body after birth (What Are the Requirements for a Neonatal Nurse). Training is also a big part in this career because; some clinics or jobs won’t hire you unless you have a post-secondary education in neonatal nursing. The most common standard is the BSN which can also be called as the Bachelors of Science in nursing. There are also more educational requirements like knowing the human body and also biology. Pain management in premature and sick babies has long been recognized as a vital component of neonatal care. However, practices pertaining to pain assessment and administration of neonatal nursing remain variable in Neonatal Units. Diseases have been identified as an ineffective way to...

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