Assessment of the Medication Safety Practices in Selected Government and Private Hospitals In Quezon City

Topics: Health care, Adverse drug reaction, Pharmacology Pages: 60 (16850 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Assessment of the Medication Safety Practices in Selected Government and Private Hospitals
In Quezon City

A Research Presented To
The School Of Pharmacy
Centro Escolar University

In Partial Fulfillment Of The
Degree of Bachelor Of
Science in Pharmacy


Bolaños, Jam Claudinee S.
Café, Cecille Ann A.
Carlos, Diana Ruth B.
Deniega, Leslie Ann L.
Fernando, Khristine Mae C.
Gagala, Pauline Rose A.
Vargas, Kristine Joy M.

March 2014
It is with pleasure that we, the investigators, thank those who made this study possible. The researchers owe their deepest gratitude for the guidance, continuous support and help of several individuals who, in one way or another, contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study. First and foremost, it is with immense gratitude that the investigators acknowledge the support and help of our dear adviser. With their enthusiasm, inspiration, and great efforts to explain things clearly and simply, had helped us make it through. Throughout the research, they have provided the investigators encouragement, sound advice, good teaching, good company, and lots of good ideas. We would have been lost without them. The researchers would like to thank all the respondents who answered the research questionnaires and participated in this research study. This study would not have been possible if not for the time, patience, and effort spent by the respondents. The researchers would also wish to thank our families who continuously support us, motivate us and inspire us to become better people. The researchers would like to thank them for their understanding in all the work that we do. Lastly, the researchers would like to thank the omnipresent God, for giving us the strength to finish this research and for helping us in our darkest days. The Researchers

The study dealt was about the assessment of medication safety practices in the selected Government and Private hospitals in Quezon City. The study was conducted to placate the researchers’ interest about identification of common medication incidents healthcare facilities usually encountered and determine what and how those medication safety measures and practices are being implemented in two types of hospitals in Quezon City. To gather the needed information, a closed-ended survey type of questionnaire was used. Purposive sampling was used in this study wherein suitable respondents are selected and among the healthcare providers in the field of medicine, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists has most suitable ability to determine medication incidents occurring in the hospital. Convenience sampling was also employed to suit with the respondents’ availability. The data and the conclusion and recommendations from which those were derived will serve as an ideal about medication errors and incidents and the strategies and methods implemented and used by the healthcare professionals and the hospitals to prevent those; hence, medical practitioners as well as pharmacy students can perform effective patient services so patients be able to receive the services they deserve.


Setting of the Study2

Theoretical Framework3


Assumption of the Study4

Significance of the Study5

Definition of Terms6

Local Literature11

Foreign Literature14

Local Studies23

Foreign Studies25

Research Methodology50

Respondents of the Study50

Sampling Technique51

Procedure of Data Gathering51

Statistical Treatment52

Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretations of Data

i. Summary of Findings 86

Introduction and Background
Medication therapy is the most common intervention used for most health problems experienced by...
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