Assignment 023

Topics: Developmental psychology, Poverty, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (705 words) Published: March 21, 2015
Debbie Jennings Assignment 023

B3 Personal Factors

Health Status
A possible influence on the health status development of a child would be a low birth weight due to malnutrition and elevated lead levels in the blood which has been associated with reduced IQ. Malnutrition in childhood is associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive development. Children have greater risk of exposure and greater risk of harm, their behaviour and activity patterns bring them into greater contact with toxins. Immature developing organs and tissues are more vulnerable to harm from toxic exposures.

Disability in children can restrict a child in physical development and participation and may even result in a poorer quality of life. Disabled children need a lot more care and attention depending on the age and disability.

Sensory Impairment
Sensory impairment in children can result in difficulties with communication, mobility and access to information which can also lead to increased isolation, frustration and loneliness.

Learning Difficulties
Learning disabilities in children can result in difficulties with academic achievement and progress and they may need special attention. A child with a learning disability finds it more difficult to learn, understand and do things compared to other children of the same age, they can continue to progress and learn throughout their childhood but more slowly. There are two types of learning disability, general and specific.
External Factors

Poverty and Deprivation
Poverty can influence a child’s’ health and development in a variety of factors. It is associated with increased neo-natal and post neo-natal mortality rates, greater risk of injuries resulting from accidents or physical abuse/neglect, higher risk of asthma, and lower developmental scores in a range of tests at multiple ages.

Family Environment/Background
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