Atlas Honda Motorcycle Company – BRM Report

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Atlas Honda Motorcycle Company – BRM Report
Atlas Auto Limited manufactures and markets Honda Motorcycle under a technical assistance agreement with Honda Motorcycle Company LTD. of Japan. An epoch-making event in the history of the company cementing of Atlas Honda relation with Honda Motorcycle Company LTD. Of Japan becoming as equity-holder in Atlas in 1988. Due to the suitability wide range and high quality of the product, Honda motorcycles are by for the best selling motorcycle in the country. Turnover has risen from Rs. 2.5 million in 1965 to Rs. 830 million in1987. Pakistan’s motorcycle market size is still relatively quite small Nevertheless. Atlas has undertaken to develop local manufacturing capabilities to the highest-level economically feasible while a major role in localization has been assigned to vendor industries. Atlas has invested Rs. 197 million in fixed assets between 1983 and1987 to develop the country largest in house manufacturing capacity in the industry. By end of 1988 local component will go upto 70% of Atlas product. Atlas management is strivings to modernize company operation by adapting applicable aspects of research and theory and more especially Honda’s philosophy and practices to the realities of Pakistani Conditions Company management structure and processes are being transferred to meet challenges of growth and change. Effort are being made to develop genuine participation of all levels of personnel in decision making; substantial and effective delegation has been established at all level various participation programmes, such as “Alaymayar” quality circles movement launched in 1985 are supported to encourage constructive self expression and team work. The company training and development programmes encourage each member to develop himself to his full potential. To support the production facilities the company has established a R&D wing and tool making facilities which are set to grow rapidly in size and function. Atlas is playing a pioneering role in creating conditions for easy and confident use of motorcycle all over the country. A vast network of motorcycle, service and share parts dealers has been established to provide dependable service to every motorcycle user. To back up this system, Atlas has set up a permanent motorcycle technical training center in Lahore which provide several courses of varying duration and complexity for motorcycle mechanics user each year. Mobile training facilities take the latest know how on technology and maintenance of motorcycles to major rural centers around the country. ORGANIZATION HISTORY

The established year of Atlas Autos Limited in 1963. In 1964 Atlas entered into technical assistance agreement with Honda Motorcycle Company of Japan for manufacturing and assembly of Honda Motorcycle in Pakistan. It is the only Public Limited Company in the industry of Pakistan. Atlas Autos Limited operate two plants one at Panjdarys Sheikhpura Road Lahore. Both Plants are franchises and have relationship of technical collaboration. MANAGEMENT OF ATLAS AUTOS

In 1964 Atlas autos started business as assembler of Honda Motorcycle, than they came into the business of import Honda spare parts. The organization set up of Atlas is as follows:-
A Board of Director consists of 7 members, elect a chairman, chairman has all managerial authority. Chairman is selected out of directors and It is the responsibility of chairman to conduct the business on a satisfactory line and maximize the profit. After the chairman then comes C.E.O (Chief executive officer). Then for assistance of chairman and C.E.O personal manager, accounts manager, production manager and marketing manager are selected. Seven managers are working under C.E.O each manager is responsible for respective function. There are two sales managers one for North Zone and one for south Zone. In the every zone two provinces. In the North Zone come Punjab, NWFP and Azad Kashmir. In south zone Sindh and...
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