Basic Maternal And Newborn Care Essay

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Madalina Grace Biggins
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The reduction of maternal and newborn morality and morbidity continues to be an elongated and unconquered challenge to human development. (WHO 2011) Each year, more than 50,000 women endure life-capturing complications of pregnancy and or childbirth, and more than 3 million babies pass away during the first fragile week of their new life. (WHO 2011) It is not surprising, then, that many pregnancy related guides and manuals for the awaiting mother-to-be directly focus on issues and complications that arise during the childbearing cycle, initial pregnancy, labour and childbirth, as well as the postpartum period. However, most women and their babies progress through the childbearing cycle and newborn stages without any complicated issues arising. Therefore, it is birth highly evident and shown that basic maternal and newborn care provided by maternal health professionals is sufficient for the majority is women and their newborn babies.

Basic maternal and newborn care consists of healthcare services, provided by the skilled maternal health nurse, that all pregnant women and their newborn infants should receive, or at least be advise as a rewarding and highly beneficial service. One initial key practice inside basic health care is the attendance of such a skilled provider at a birth, which is a critical intervention that can serve as a life-saving reward to both mothers and the baby. In addition, every childbearing woman and newborn is at the initial risk of developing a potentially life-threatening complication at any time, therefore basic care must be linked to a full range os services, including easily accessible emergency care. Integrated throughout basic care, health messages and counselling promote quality health by empowering women to take good care of themselves as well as their new babies, and helping them prevent potential problems. Maternal and Child Health providers should ensure that the women and her family...
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