Topics: Street dance, B-boying, Bollywood Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: July 8, 2010
On the streets of New York, in the late 1960s, under the HIP-HOP CULTURE, a baby was born and was named GOOD FOOT, it evolved with the time passage and was now known as BREAKING, this baby was used to battle on the streets and keep the gun fights away, the good baby that it was everyone around wanted to adopt it, the people who adopted this came to BREAKERS, the males were BREAKER-BOYS or B-BOYS, and the females were BREAKER-GIRLS or B-GIRLS, and because of this Breaking also came to known as B-BOYING.

Now this baby was a very mischievous one, didn’t let the guardians rest at all, on to the break part of music or the BREAK-BEATS made them do UP-ROCK (the on two legs dancing and shuffles that B-boys do when they enter a circle when dancing), DOWN-ROCK (the footwork, or dance steps performed on the floor), POWERMOVES (acrobatic moves of spherical motions involving spinning on the dancing floor area or in the air), FREEZE (poses done in-between the dance routines that add punctuation to certain beats and sometimes end a sequence). The other elements that the guardians of the hip-hop culture could cater were GRAFFITI (the art work on the walls),DJing and RAPPING… phewwww! Demanding right? This is the reason Breaking is not just a dance form, but a way of life that these b-boys or b-girls adopt.

BREAKING WAS THE CORE OF THE HIP-HOP STYLE OF DANCING, one can say BREAKING IS HIP-HOP. So, who else are in the hip-hop family? Dance forms like KRUMPING, POPPING and LOCKING, these were like COUSINS to b-boying. All in the hip-hop family say SOCIO-HIP-HOP, but the original dance of hip-hop would always be b-boying.

Flying to various nations, it took it sometime until it reached INDIA. It was not that Indians were not aware about this dance form. Also it isn’t that street dancing is an unusual or an immaculate idea for Indians, on annual festivals like Ganesh-Utsav and Holi, hundreds of enthusiasts break into a hoedown on the streets. Yet, street dance as a movement...
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