Being a Single Mother at a Young age

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: May 14, 2014

Raising a child isn't an easy thing to do. Raising a child while still in your teens is even harder. Raising a child, finding yourself and getting an education are some of the hardest things I think I will ever achieve in my lifetime. Can you begin to imagine going through all of these at the same time? Babies need to be fed, bathed and cared for almost full time. For many teenage girls, becoming pregnant can mean a lack of support when it is most needed. I’m so lucky that I have my family to help me and guide me through the right path. Many girls find themselves with ultimatum, have an abortion or move out, but that wasn’t a choice of mine at all. Once I heard my daughter’s heart beat and saw how she looked, I fell in love. Her ultrasounds were incredible, how clear she looked, how healthy she was. But not for long… One normal day I attended my ultrasound appointment I heard the worst news. My daughter had a pelvic kidney. I had no idea what that was and what can be caused by it so I asked as much questions as I could. They informed me that if she was to get hit very hard in her stomach she could hurt her kidney very bad. When I found out I was pregnant I had just finished 8th grade and was going into 9th. I was going to a NEW school they just built, and I was so happy I was going to attend such a beautiful campus. Then again I thought to myself how I was I going to go to school with a huge stomach and everyone in my face asking me if I was pregnant. Starting school was really rough, the work was hard and focusing on not being around my friends was even harder. When I reached 6 months into my pregnancy, the hospital was my best friend. I was there every week due to all the pain I was having. So they made me go to my appointments every week and have an ultrasound every week. They said I was under pre-term labor, and under observation of my daughter’s pelvic kidney. One regular afternoon I was having...
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