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Class/Sec: 3

Prepared by

Md.wahidur Rahman 09304076

Farah Enayet Tonny 09304077

Prepared for


Submition Date: 6TH August 09

6th August, 2009

Somaiya Yunus

Lecturer, BRAC Business School

BRAC University

66, Mohakhali,Dhaka-1212

Subject: Submission of Term paper

Dear Madam,

It gives me immense pleasure in preparing this term paper, which was assigned to me in fulfillment of my course requirement.

This term paper has been valuable to me as it helps me to unite the practical experience to my theoretical knowledge.

I would like to mention here that I am extremely grateful to my group members Tonny, Aniqa, Saurov & Pompa and ovesly you for your valuable guidance, tireless effort and constant attention as and when required in accomplishing the paper.

I shall be very pleased to answer any query you think necessary as and when needed.

Sincerely Yours

MD.Wahidur Rahamn

ID # 09304076

BRAC University


At first I would like to express my gratitude to Almighty ALLAH for giving me the strength and opportunity to complete this report within this short period successfully.

This report has been prepared as the part of BBA program under BRAC Business School Department of BRAC University. I am indebted to a number of persons for their suggestion, direction, and kind advice and co- operation that I have enabled me to prepare this report.

I am very much grateful to Mr. Aminul houque , Director of Next Net Ltd. for giving me the chance to complete my internship.

My special gratitude goes to Junayed Ahmed, managing director Next Net Ltd. I am also undoubtedly grateful to the employee of each Department for their kind co-operation.

To complete the report I met some hardship, but managed to complete the case within time constraint, which would not have been possible without the guidance and assistance of certain people.

Table of Contents:

1. Background Of the company:
➢ History on the company
➢ Date form of ownership
➢ Business objectives
➢ Mission

➢ Vision

➢ Values

2. Human side of the business:
➢ Management
➢ level of management
➢ organization structure
➢ motivation
➢ leadership style

3. Production and Marketing:
➢ product mix

➢ brief description of each product

➢ marketing strategy

➢ promotional activities

➢ pricing

➢ distribution

➢ target market

4. Accounting and Finance:

➢ Accounting information

➢ sources of fund

➢ distribution of fund

➢ business performance

➢ using financial measurement

5. Business Environment:
➢ Ethical issues

➢ social corporate responsibility

6. Conclusion

Executive Summary

This report details the Beximco Pharma’s Management System and how it operates. From the company point of view, the report outlines the process a company has to go through, how the system benefits the company as well as supporting the Customer Service Officers.

Beximco Pharma is a leading edge pharmaceutical company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is acclaimed for outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and...
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