Beximco Pharmaceuticals

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Presentation on Beximco Pharmaceuticals
Name of the presenters
~ Faisal

Bin Kamal

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~ Quazi Aritra

Reyan ~ Md. Nayeem Hossain
~ Tahrim


Background of the Company

Beximco Pharmaceuticals (BPL) is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. BPL started its operation in 1980 and now have grown to become nation's one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. ~ BPL supplies more than 10% of country's total medicine need. ~ It offers top notch product quality and has world-class manufacturing facilities. ~ BPL is the recipient of three times µgold¶ national export trophy, Beximco Pharma is the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals from Bangladesh.

Background of the Company«

Mission: BPL¶s mission is to ensure that each of the activities of the company benefits and adds value to the common wealth of our society. Vision: Viewing the business as a mean of the social well-being of the investor, employees and the society and customers is the main vision of BPL. Goals: The innovation of new products and satisfying the everchanging need of consumers is the top priority goal of BPL. Ensuring full effort to enhance shareholders highest returns and growth of their asset is also a goal of the company.



Human side of The Business

Management: BPL has a three-tier management structure, comprising the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Management Committee. There is an Audit Committee also, constituted in 2006. The things that are focused in Beximco Pharma¶s management are~ Entrepreneurial spirit ~ Innovation power ~ Team work ~ Employee empowerment

Human side of The Business«
Leadership and Motivation Style: BPL believes in participative management. In this light, BPL encourages each of its employees to be the leader of his /her zone of actions. BPL uses Management by Objective (MBO) system so that everyone becomes Self-motivated. Apart from creating a healthy working environment, employee empowerment, BPL offers a number of benefits to motivate their employees. The benefits offered by the company are given below: ~ Education costs of the children ~ Permanent job facility ~ Leave facilities ~ Promotion ~ Yearly Employee Awards ~ Foreign Travel with Family Offers ~ Share from revenue etc.

Human side of The Business«
Organizational Structure:

Human side of The Business«
Training and Development program of BPL: It is done in 2 ways~ On-the-job Training: Under the trainer¶s supervision  Apprenticeship Training  Informal Learning  Job Instruction Training  Lectures  Simulated Training ~ Off-the-job Training: In an artificial environment.  The Case Study Method  Management Game  Outside Seminars  Behavior Modeling

Human side of The Business«

Performance Appraisal: At BPL appraisals are done by the Selfappraisal system. Managers appraise the performance of their subordinates through 5 points Graphic Rating Scale. 1 for unsatisfactory, 2 for marginal, 3 for target, 4 for superior, 5 for outstanding. Employee Compensation: It has two main components~ Direct financial payments: Wages, salaries, incentives e.t.c.  Time based pay  Performance based pay

Human side of The Business«


Indirect payments: Financial benefits like employer-paid insurance and vacations.  Benefits and Rewards Package: Supplemental Pay Benefits, Sick Leave, Vacations and Holidays, Parental Leave e.t.c  Contribution to Workers' Profit Participation/ Welfare: 5% of net profit before tax contributed by the company for workers.  Insurance Scheme:Employees of the company are covered under group life insurance scheme.

Production and Marketing

Contract Manufacturing: The severe price competition from the generic manufacturers has prompted BPL to shift or outsource their production from developed to developing and less developed countries, because of huge cost advantage.

Product Mix: BPL...
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