BIOS 275 WEEK 1 HOMEWORK Baker Denise

Topics: Pharmacology, Stomach, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Name: Denise Baker – D40279521
Course Section: BIOS-275-18295 Pharmacol & Medical Treatment

BIOS 275 WEEK ONE HOMEWORK (20 points)

ALL answers are to be TYPED IN BLACK

1. Describe the three medical uses for drugs and give examples. (2 points) The three medical uses for drugs are: used to prevent disease, to diagnose disease, and to treat symptoms, signs, conditions, and diseases.

Preventive use – Dramamine prevents motion sickness
Diagnostic use - Radiopaque contrast dyes used during x-ray procedures Therapeutic use - Antibiotic drugs to kill bacteria and cure an infection

2. Give the meaning of and describe the linguistic origin of the symbol Rx. (2 points) The symbol Rx, which comes from the Latin word recipe, meaning take, indicates a prescription, the combining of ingredients to form a drug.

3. Give the name of a medication in current usage that originated from the natural source of: foxglove plant, sheep’s wool, rose hips, mold, poppy and periwinkle. (2 points) Natural Source Drug

a. foxglove plant _ digoxin (Lanoxin) b. sheeps’ wool _ Lanolin _______ c. rose hips _ vitamin C ______ d. poppy _ morphine _______ e. mold _ penicillin ______ f. periwinkle _ vincristine ______
4. Describe four ways in which a new drug can be discovered or created. (2 points) - Ancient sources
- A new chemical can be discovered in the environment, from plants, from animals, from the ocean, or from the soil. - A totally new chemical can be derived from molecular manipulation of a drug that is already in...
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