Birth Assignment

Topics: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Caesarean section Pages: 2 (259 words) Published: February 3, 2015
Birth is started by labour. However, there are many different ways of labour. Some of these are: when your “waters break” this is a term for the amniotic sac rupturing and the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby escapes; contractions that are getting stronger each time you experience one and they are regular; Mucus plug, this is simply a clump of mucus that has been blocking of the cervix during your pregnancy to prevent any infection from getting your baby. Those are all natural signs of labour. However, if there is any complications or your 2 weeks past your due date the hospitals can do many different ways of introducing labour. Some of these could be: having a membrane sweep, this is when your doctor or midwife during an internal exam will sweep their finger around the cervix this would separate the membranes from the amniotic sac releasing hormones that could potentially start your labour; you could have the Misoprostol pills placed into the vagina every few hours this is getting the cervix ready for labour; Foley bulb this is a small balloon inserted into the cervix and get inflated forcing the cervix to widen; Pitocin this is a tablet to release a hormone and start contractions, alternate method will be to have a caesarean section, this is where there is a life threatening matter and you will have an epidural which is inserted directly into your spine numbing you completely from your stomach downwards the your baby will be taken directly from your stomach due to a scalpel.
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