Birth control good or bad

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Birth Control through the centuries

In the 18th century it was stereotyped for a woman to be a homemaker and mother to several children. Then came along a medical advancement that to this day still asks the question of when is birth control a blessing to those women that want more to life than just being a mother. Birth Control has been an issue for the past centuries, debating if it is a blessing for women that long to have professional career or a gateway for women to indulge into promiscuity without the consequence of unwanted children. The pros about birth control are that women can prevent pregnancies not planned; the cons are that in the eyes of the church is sinful.

Pills, vaginal ring, IUD, condoms, patch, implant, and sterilizations are forms of birth control, and have been used during this century to prevent having unwanted children and “a big family.” However, in the eighteen century having a “big family” was a normal thing, but did women use birth control even if the church was against it? According to Catherine, breastfeeding was used to prevent unwanted pregnancies or to allow them to space out their pregnancies (Delors). “Clearly, men and women have wanted to control the number of their offspring for physical, emotional, social, and economic reasons and they have taken responsibility for attempting to use various methods of contraception. Yet, periodically throughout history, some people have attempted to deny women the right to birth control.” The church denied it for it being an “abortion.” The church believed that life is created in the instant of sexual intercourse. However, Science has proved that life begins in fertilization known as Concepcion. The Catholic Church thought it was immoral for women to prevent their pregnancies because they were against God’s will. If God wanted to women have children then women had to have as many children as they could have. “Birth control practice is sinful; the nation needs a growing population of...

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