Birth Paper

Topics: Childbirth, Caesarean section, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: November 17, 2013

Child Development
Birth Paper

I interviewed my roommate’s mother, Arlene, who gave birth forty one years ago and a friend of mine, Ashley, who gave birth four years ago.


1. Arlene gave birth to Santiago Fierro Aguilar on February 3, 1972 in Brawley, CA at Pioneer Hospital. 2. The doctors told Arlene to take Lamaze classes and that she was going to have a cesarean section because the baby’s feet were going to come out first. Arlene ended up having an emergency cesarean section. 3. Arlene had about twenty doctor visits, a sonogram at twenty weeks along, and an ultrasound at five months along. Arlene went to the gynecologist and also took prenatal vitamins. When Arlene went to the doctor visits, they took her blood pressure, measured her and also measured the heart beats. 4. Santiago’s father was not present during his birth because fathers were not allowed in the delivery room. 5. Arlene had a spinal injection before birth and she cannot recall using anesthesia. 6. Arlene gave birth by an emergency cesarean birth and she cannot recall any problems that took place during the surgery. 7. Arlene stayed in the hospital after giving birth for five days because the hospitals allowed women to stay for five days after birth back then. 8. The first three days of Santiago;s life were spent in an incubator due to a lung infection, and he stayed in the nursery under high watch. 9. The father was not present during the first three days of Santiago's life. Arlene quotes “He was partying at home having a beer-fest”. 10. Arlene recalls the most memorable aspect of having a baby was the first time her baby cryed, when she felt his hand, and when his eyes opened.


1. Ashley gave birth August 8, 2009 at Sharp Mary Birch hospital For Women 2. Ashley did all of her prenatal care with Indian health and they never gave her any papers, advice or information about having the actual birth. 3. Ashley recalls having a good pregnancy and she visited...
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