Birth Process Interview

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Birth Process Interview

For our birth process interview, I was able to get a hold of Lala Aguan who I will refer as mother 1 and Genevie Martinez who I will refer as mother 2. Mother 1 will be the mother who gave birth forty or more years ago and mother 2 will be the one who gave birth within five years or less. Mother 1 gave birth to a healthy son on September 22, 1961 inside their house on the mountains of Ucab. Mother 2 gave birth to a healthy son on November 24, 2010 at Paradise Valley Hospital. Mother 1 already knew what to expect during childbirth because she was helping her elders with other people’s childbirth. She saw everything that occurred during childbirth and was also told of the pain. Mother 2 was told that pain was inevitable but to not panic when birth was given. There were no prenatal care that mother 1 received and no office visits as well. Back then, their village was secluded and they did not have any electricity and life was very traditional. For mother 2, the first prenatal care appointment was when she asked all of her questions regarding pregnancy. For example, food and vitamin intakes, how often she would exercise, and so forth. The second appointment was to determine the due date of the baby, take her physical, as well as run some blood tests. After the second appointment, she visited her doctor once a month until the last remaining months of the pregnancy. During those months, they measured her belly size, took sugar and blood tests, and listened to his heartbeat. For her 3rd trimester appointments, she was tested for GBS and also took pelvic exams. The doctor also checked for the baby’s position as well as to check for cervical changes. Mother 1 was forced to marry a man of an older age who showed no particular interest in his wife or raising the child. The father was out gambling and did not return until many years after the childbirth. As for mother 2, the father was unable to be present because he was locked in prison...
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