Boston Marathon bombing

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The bombing in Boston was an act of terror on the US, the suspects must have been affiliated with Al Qaeda and who knows what they could have done in New York if we didn't catch suspect number two and suspect number one had died. Maybe another 9/11 could have happened potentially, maybe they were saving the bigger bomb for the bigger city. No one knows. The only thing we know is that there must be more people that affiliated with these two kids, and where they are and what they are hiding is out of our control at this point but we will find them eventually. We need to figure out the punishment for suspect number two, and it won't be pleasant thats for sure. I think he should serve life in prison, maximum security, and isolated from everyone else so he has time to think about what he did and how blessed he was to even be in our country in the first place. He needs this time and it would be wrong just to kill him, that is probably what he wants, the easy way out. If they want him to suffer like the 100+ people had to, he needs to be alone. Forever. His friends who have been helping him should have the same penalty and they need to realize what they had gotten themselves into in the first place, they might not have known at the time, or maybe they did, but being apart of an act of terror is a big deal. Why would they do it? No one knows. But we will find out. The search isn’t over and won’t be over until we solve the mystery.
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