BRAAAP Company

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BRAAAP Company
The Braaap motorcycle brand was established in 2008 by Brad Smith. Brad began with a vision to supply motorbikes which would making motorcycling more fun and accessible for people. The plan from the start was to build a motorcycle that would compete with custom built American race bikes, but be affordable for people that wish to have a go at this sport. It took a lot of visits to different manufacturers before they found one that believed in his vision. Since then it has been onwards and upwards for the Braaap brand, they have their own concept stores in Tasmania and Victoria, and franchise opportunities throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Braaap are also one of the only motorcycle brands on the market to offer a lifetime warranty.

Key Characteristics of Braaap products and services
The Braaap products have four major features to their products and services, they are: Lifetime warranty option, customisation, flexible finance and built for adults. The lifetime warranty option is available on all their products and bikes. Having this option improves the attractiveness of the product to their customers and gives them piece of mind about repairs and maintenance on aspects of their bikes. Customisation is another feature that Braaap offer to their customers. This means that the customers can choose from a wide range of colours and accessories to personalise their motorbikes to suit their own tastes. This doesn’t impact the performance of the bikes at all, in fact with all the different options available to purchase the customer can change some of the accessories on their bikes as their tastes change. This would actually improve the life of the bike and make certain that customers would perhaps return at a later stage to either upgrade their bikes or their customisations. Currently 37% of Braaap customers return at later stages to upgrade to full size bikes. Flexible finance is a big feature that Braaap offer, from $3...
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