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Topics: September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, Taliban Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 30, 2013
Suicide bombings in Syria, car bombing in Pakistan, shootings in Iraq and September 11 attacks on the world trade centre. These horrific actions were committed by the followers of Osama bin laden, the leader of the Taliban. 1

But we can’t completely blame bin laden because he isn’t committing this actions himself. The followers of bin laden have a choice to kill innocent people or to walk away from causing such destruction to the world but choose not to. 2

Harry “Breaker” Morant is similar in this way as he has the choice to follow these so called orders given to him by Lord Kitchener which were to kill unarmed and innocent Boers. 3

If Morant had any moral values he wouldn’t of followed this orders which would be violating anyone’s moral principles to an extent. No one had any knowledge of these orders that Lord Kitchener supposably gave out to all soldiers. 4

The order given out was to “take no prisoners” but somehow Mornat received and understood it to be “take no prisoners while clearing the district of the Boers.” If these orders were true why is it that Morant was the only one with any knowledge of it? 5

These are the question we always seem to ask but never able to get the truth. The first case was that of the shootings of the Boer commando, Visser, who was captured after the death of Captain Hunt and executed on Morant’s orders for allegedly being in possession of item of hunt’s uniform. 6

Morant pled not guilty. The prosecution witnesses were called and they testified about the death of hunt and Visser. Under cross examination, several testified that captain hunt had given them orders to take no prisoners. 7

Morant then testified that Hunt acted on orders to take no prisoners while clearing the district of Boer commandos. After hunts death he has assumed command, and decided to carry out orders.8

Would someone have the courage to kill an innocent man just because he is in possession of clothing? Morant is a cold blooded...
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