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Task one:
• Tesco is for a profit. Over 60% of group sales and profits came from the UK business. • Tesco sells items such as fresh food, groceries and clothing. (The clothing market is worth £33 billion alone) Ownership

• Tesco is a Limited company-Public(PLC)
• The decision's are made by an elected board
• There Executive Committee comprises the Tesco PLC Executive Directors and seven senior executives. • Tesco invests in an additional 2 million of capital. Size
• Tesco started trading in 1924.
• Tesco has over 300 000 employees and over 2900 stores which means the size of Tesco is: Large. • The revenue(money from receipts from sales and other activities ) is £42.240 million (2011/12) this makes tesco the 4Th largest retailer in the world. scale

• International : Tesco has over 14 markets across Europe,Asia and North America. Tesco plc is a international grocery and merchandising retail chain which was found in 1919 in east London. The National Trust

• The national trust is a charity which means that it is not for profit- The national trust dose not distribute there profit to those who are involved in the organisation. • The National Trust relays on income from membership fees, donations and legacies. Sizee

• National trust has over 3.7 million members and 61 000 volunteers. • More then 17 million people visit there pay for entry properties whilst an estimated 50 million visit open air properties. • They have over 350 historic houses,gardens and ancient monuments. • This means the size of national trust is: Large.

• Owned by: Board of trustees;Council;Committees of the board; regional/country advisory;advisory panel. • President is Prince Charles
• National: It is a British business which specifically limits itself within the national market. HSBC
• HSBC is a public limited company(PLC) Incorporated in England and Wales. • HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial service to personal,commercial,corporate institutional and investment and private banking clients. Ownership

• HSBC headquarters are in London.
• HSBC holdings PLC are held by over 221 006 shareholders in 134 countries and territories. Size
• HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial service organisations in the world. • HSBC has 7200 offices
• HSBC is international: HSBC comprises around 7200 offices in over 80 countries and territories in Europe,The Asia Pacific region,America,The middle east and Africa. The Bucks herald(Local corner shop)

• To gain a profit.
• It stocks everyday products such as groceries, toiletries, tobacco, magazines and newspapers. • Its more convenient then going to a general store such as Tesco, if you only need a few items. Ownership

• The bucks herald is owned by the person who bought or rents the property. (in this case it is owned by 2 people . so the profit is spilt between them) Size
• The size of bucks herald is (small) as it has fewer then 50 employees. ( The bucks herald has 10 employees) For Example: Newspaper boys/girls. • Its also small because there's only one store.

• The bucks herald is:Local as there is only one store which is open in Aylesbury on my street. It serves local customers only e.g people that live in Aylesbury.


I have chosen to compare the purpose and ownership of Tesco and The National Trust. They are two completely different business which also have different purposes. Tescos purpose is to gain a profit whereas the national trust is an organisation which purpose is not to gain a profit but to give to the charity.Tesco provides items such as fresh food and clothing whereas The national trust provides historic houses for people to visit. The National Trust is owned by a Board of trustees; the...
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