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Grupo Bimbo

1. What is the mission for Grupo Bimbo?
Grupo Bimbo mission is: Produce and market food products, develop the value of their brands. A commitment to be, highly productive and people oriented; innovative and competitive and strongly oriented towards satisfying customers and consumers, and an international leader I the bakery industry with long-term vision. 2. What are the key organizational goals for GB?

Pursue its achievement every day and which move daily in our purposes is our reason to be as a company. Our principles and values are that give us the personality, the way of being. The values are only understood together as a full complement. We represent each of the values with the primary and secondary colors. In the center of all, as a fundamental principle, is the person, origin and purpose of our action.

3. What growth strategies are being employed by GB?
Undoubtedly impressive figures for this company; However, what most interesting felt us, in the communication of their six Strategies, thanks to which Bimbo has managed to keep the focus, consolidating the leadership that characterizes it.

1. Product strategy. "We develop innovative, healthy and tasty products." A proposal which is heard to be simple, but actually requires dedication and experience to achieve it. In our previous note on this company, mentioned that "Bimbo listening to customers". And it is only listening to them we can be sure of what they need and thereby provide them with products and services that exceed their expectations.

2. Brand strategy. "We establish long term relationships with our consumers." Bimbo certainly has an enviable arraign among millions of consumers in Mexico with brands that have more than half a century in the market. Most adults grew up with "Gansito ®" or white bread Bimbo ®. They have become well-known brands at home, part of the family. Thus, these vintage customers are the first to buy products and teach their children to...
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