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Topics: Telecommunication, Business, Subscription business model Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: January 10, 2013
BY: EE FOOK MING DATE: 4 NOV 2012 EMAIL: FOOKMING_EE@YAHOO.COM INTRODUCTION This is an integrated solution that comprises of the following functional components: § Virtual Set-top Box (STB) and virtual residential gateway § Over-the-top video solutions § Over private/public cloud To provide a flexible, personalized, multi-screen with quality of experience for pay TV customers. CUSTOMERS Traditionally, the pay TV market is being monopolized by the cable and satellite (DTH) pay TV operators. In the recent years, as the media and telecommunication industry are converging, many telecom operators are rolling out their pay TV equivalent services through their broadband infrastructure such as xDSL and FTTH. These are the target customers, both the Pay TV broadcasters and telecom operators, which the solutions are intended for. The solutions can be extended for Pay TV startup. VALUE PROPOSITIONS The traditional Pay TV solutions are rigid, based on old technology, nonstandard and fragmented, required expensive capital invested (for startup) and equally expensive OPEX to cover license fees, professional services and support and maintenance. The proposed integrated solutions addressed the following: § It reduces tremendously the CAPEX investment required for the infrastructure, hardware and software and the back office required to operate the pay TV systems. It based on the hosted and media cloud, typically managed services model. § Set-top box is the largest hurdle in most of the pay TV business case. It is a very expensive component in the CAPEX investment that crumbles most pay TV business case. Moving from physical STB to virtual STB would immediately remove the upfront STB investment. § Virtual STB as it is in the cloud would remove the inconvenience of software support and upgrade, in addition they are expensive for the subscribers that are charged to them in the form of maintenance & support and software fees. § The implementation and technology deployed are...
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