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Fall 2011
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November 9, 2011

I. Executive Summary
This executive summary contains a succinct explanation of the details of the ownership and operation of the organization, product description and benefits offered, the opportunity in the marketplace for E(ase)-Receipts, and a surface-level of description outlining the costs and anticipated ROI for launching E(ase)-Receipts. The Team

The organization, E(ase)-Receipts, is owned and operated by six individuals, each with an equal ownership in the organization. Each member of the organization brings a tremendous amount of experience, education, and drive which is demonstrative of the foreseeable success E(ase)-Receipts will create in the marketplace. * will be responsible for maintain a pulse-check on critical risks for E(ase)-Receipts. Given experience in extensive project management and analysis-type functions, she will be an asset to assessing the critical risks for E(ase)-Receipts. * has an extensive financial background, both academically and professionally, which fully qualifies him to attend to the financial responsibility of E(ase)-Receipts. Also, has a professional technology background, trained in many technological programs, which will further assist in the successful implementation of E(ase)-Receipts into the market. will be in charge of the sales and marketing components of E(ase)-Receipts. Given very successful career in the sales arena, and among many different industries, her sales success will properly position and expand the presence of E(ase)-Receipts in the market. * will also be a key member of the marketing function for E(ase)-Receipts. has also had experience in the sales aspect, also among many industries, and has had further experience with launching new organizations and new-product branding. As a result, will manage the marketing analysis and market research aspect, which will be relevant as E(ase)-Receipts evolves as an organization. * has extensive experience in manufacturing and operations, while also obtaining a green belt in Six Sigma, indicating his educational background, experience, and training will provide him with the appropriate tools for success in this particular aspect of the business. * Finally, will manage the day-to-day operations of E(ase)-Receipts while also managing the alternate personnel (outside of the E(ase)-Receipts founders) in executing the daily activities necessary for E(ase)-Receipts. Given experience in customer service and people management, she will perform well in this role in supporting the execution of E(ase)-Receipts. The Product & Service

E(ase)-Receipts is an electronic alternative to offer, receive, and organize receipts. The concept lies in the already existing data-gathering system offered by most grocery stores around the United States. Currently most individuals carry “Randall’s,” “Kroger,” or “CVS” cards which offer them discounts….. the consumer scans when they are paying for their purchase. The consumer already has the barcode, used in the scanning process during checkout, on their key ring or in their wallet (Varchaver, 2004). E(ase)-Receipts seeks to eliminate paper receipts by creating a platform to deliver these electronically to the customers. is looking to take the concept one step further and offer a service to have the receipt electronically sent to the consumer to the email address matched in the database-system, which the consumer has already (in many cases) submitted. Conceptually, E(ase)-Receipts will also allow the consumer to download a Smartphone Application which will allow the consumer to have the many barcodes they have in their wallet, or key ring, streamlined into one application. The benefits are numerous, both to the consumer and the businesses involved. On the consumer...

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