Business Research Ethics

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Business Research Ethics

Christopher Griffith


November 19th, 2012
John Gilpin

Business Research Ethics

The article I chose had to do with protecting children’s rights and the ethical and legal issues when they are treated solely with psychopharmacological treatment and research. The concerns raised are that treating with various drugs while their brains are maturing, and they are too young to fully understand what they are going through is unethical.

The Ethics or Lack There Of
While reading this article I found many red flags that raised quite a few ethical concerns. In previous years because of legislative actions pharmaceutical testing in children was not done, this led to a large amount of off label type drugs used to treat children with psychological disorders and no research to support giving these drugs to children. In the 1990s this changed when legislation granted testing of various drugs on children, but only for a certain amount of time. While creating these laws to keep children safe legislation inadvertently may have caused unethical behavior during the research. During this allotted time for studies pharmaceutical companies where in a hurry to make their patent time so research was rushed with many flaws in the method as well as some of these companies giving research grants and paying lecture fees to some of the researchers. It was also written that children would only be subject to research that was to be done at minimal risk to the child, but this was left open to interpretation. This resulted in parents or caregivers often making decisions irrationally due to influence from the researchers. This influence was often the hope of treatment rather than the reminder of it being a research project, which the medicine was being tested and not the child. Those Who Suffered

The parties that were affected by this research are anyone in need of this kind of treatment as well as those children, who often...

References: Kölch, M., Ludolph, A., Plener, P., Fangerau, H., Vitiello, B., & Fegert, J. (2010). Safeguarding children 's rights in psychopharmacological research: ethical and legal issues. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 16(22), 2398-2406.
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