Buy a Motorcycle; Buy a Coffin

Topics: Motorcycle, Automobile, Human body Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Buy a Motorcycle; Buy a Coffin
Motorcycles are a nuisance. They should not be allowed on the road and should be banned because they are a harmful piece of equipment that can cause a lot of danger to anyone who is riding them. First of all the body structure of a motorcycle is too small, second, the immaturity of the people who drive them puts them at a higher risk of having an accident and third, there is not enough to protect the human body when an accident does occur. I believe that buying a motorcycle is like buying your coffin.

The Roads are dangerous enough with all the SUV’s, big rigs and the average size vehicle that it is scary, when a small structured object on two wheels comes passing you by, going way past the normal speed limit. Most motorcycles are very small and narrow and are hard to spot while looking in your rearview mirror. They can easily fit into small spaces and when they are next to a car they end up in what’s known as the “blind spot”. This becomes a bigger problem at night time because motorcyclists don’t normally wear any reflectors on their gear. One of the things that scares me the most while driving because it’s happened to me before that while I feel that I am driving safely and I put my signal to change lanes and check my mirrors to make sure it is clear, I go to change over, when all of a sudden I see a motorcycle swerve to the side of me and as he speeds up to pass me, he turns to look at me while nodding his head and giving me the finger. Motorcyclist are always speeding, it’s as if they feel that this is the only way to ride a motorcycle. They are especially bad when they are on the freeway they treat it as open access to drive as fast as their motorcycle will allow them to go. Not only are they speeding but they are constantly changing lanes at the same time. This puts them at a higher risk of suffering an accident because cars can easily not see them and take them out unintentionally.

The majority of motorcycle riders...
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