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The Global market for two-wheeler has shown tremendous growth over the past decade. In 2008 world sales to two-wheelers is 27million. Looked at more closely however the geographic spread of this growth is very uneven, Asia has accounted for the vast majority of the growth, sales in the entire region growing more than three folds over the past decade.

China and India alone have accounted for over the half of the world’s two-wheelers sales. Other large markets in the region are Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan. Latin America is other important region and in sales there have more than doubled over the pat 10years with Brazil accounting for the Lion’s share with a market of around four lakh units. In line with the regions chequered economic performance over the past decade, value growth has been Volatile.

So to understand the volatile nature of this sales growth it’s very important to analyze the buyer responses under the main head consumer buyer behavior.

CONSUMER BUYER BEHAVIOUR: The buying behavior of final consumers the individual and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption is termed as consumer buyer behavior.

Consumers make many buying decisions everyday. Most large companies research consumer-buying decisions in detail to answer question about.

i) How they choose a product.

ii) Why they choose a brand.

iii) How they choose a dealer.

iv) When they purchase.

v) Which purchase options they choose.

vi) Why they prefer it.

vii) Why they go for Auto Finance option.

viii) And they aware of every rupee they pay.

Consumer buy what, where, how & why when all these can be seriously answered by a company it has a great advantage over its competitions. In understanding it the marketers need to assimilate the model of buyer behavior.

Model of Buyer Behavior

Marketing Mix and other stimuli enter buyer’s black box where they are turned into a set of observable buyer responses.

These buyer responses need to be addressed seriously and have to be analyzed by a professional to bring out the true picture of Buyer’s expectations and reality.

HONDA MOTORS is the Market Leader in the Motor Cycles segment in the country with the market share of 34% during the year 2009-2010. The company registered a record sale of 6 Million Motor Cycles during 2009-2010 there by achieve a growth of nearly 35% over last year. HONDA MOTORS Motor cycles. HONDA MOTORS is post a turnover Rs.2000 crores in the year. There are 4 million HONDA MOTORS cycles. On the Indian roads with the brand names of HONDA MOTORS, UNICORN, SHINE, ACTIVA, OTHERS and AVITOR.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the major markets for HONDA MOTORS in the country. The state has shown increasing tendency motor cycles and HONDA MOTORS enjoyed an impressive 35% of market with a 45% growth in A.P there is a network of 29 dealers and 48 authorized service centers and spare parts stockiest. The twin city alone has 5 dealers and 3 service centers. To supplement and to provide service availability in far flung areas the company has mobile service workshops that regularly visit various towns.

The company has constantly been contributing to the cause of the environment, by meeting the strict emission norms of the Govt. an added feature in the recent launch of a “Ride Safe” program that is aimed at promoting the concept of good and safe riding among two wheeler users in the country. HONDA MOTORS has plans on board for further initiatives towards fostering stronger relationship with its customers.

HONDA MOTORS has plans of introducing new models in the future that meets the changing user preferences and in line with global trends. The company is well equipped to meet the challenges and is riding in to the new millennium on top gear....
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