Care and Administration of Medicines

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Unit 1
Responsibility, Accountability & Confidentiality

|Q1. Define responsibility - what does it mean? | |Responsibility is an expectation to carry out your duties to the very best of your ability in accordance with your position and your | |level of training. |

|Q2. Define accountability - what does it mean? | |Accountability is an obligation to an individual or an organization that has the right to ask. You are able to explain, to justify | |your actions and your work practice. |

|Q3. Define confidentiality - what does it mean and why is it important? | |Confidentiality is a non disclosure of personal information regarding a client, other than to those professionals who ‘needs to know’| |and for whom the client has given express consent for them to be informed. It is important to keep confidential as some records may | |contain highly sensitive information about the services users. Sharing confidential information may make the service user feel | |vulnerable and at risk. It is also good practice, and if personal Information was shared the service user will no longer have trust | |in the care that the service is given. |

|Q4. What kinds of responsibility dose the care worker have? Name four. | |As a care worker your main responsibility is for the people that you are caring for as their welfare is paramount. | |You have the responsibility to use the systems and the procedures correctly and to a high standard. | |You have the responsibility to report any flaws or gaps in the systems or procedures when they are in use. | |You have the responsibility to contribute to a safe working environment for yourself and for the service users. | |It is more than simply being aware of potential hazards. You must take steps to check and deal with any sources of risk. |

|Q5. What kinds of accountability dose the care worker have? Name six. | |As a care worker you accountable to your employer once you have received the right training for your job role. | |You are Accountable to the client by ensuring that the correct medicine is given appropriately. | |As a care work in accountable to the clients parents as the client is in your care. | |As a care worker in the care industry you are accountable to OFSTED as they inspect and regulate your service. | |You’re accountable to society as you must not engage in any criminal act. | |As a care worker you are accountable to your profession as we follow the guidance of an appropriate professional body. |

|Q6. What three factors are the foundations of a competent care workers practice? Explain why for each one. | |You must always work according to the employer’s policies and procedures. Your contract of employment states that you must adhere to | |them, in order to safeguard client care. | |Be aware of your limitations, If you knowledge or skills are insufficient to...
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