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Midwifery Diagram and Summary
Anny .F.Mogoung
DR.David Harrell
April 17, 2013
University of Phoenix

Within the Healthcare continuum, there are different types of careers. We can have providers, researchers, administrators, and other. Among the providers nursing is a field that can be listed. Midwifery is a part of nursing. In the following lines, we will describe the midwifery career; identify the workforce roles within two services and finally explore the impact of the midwifery on the Healthcare organization.

World Health organization (nd) makes clearly that “Midwifery encompasses care of women during pregnancy, labor, and the post partum, as well as the care of new born”. Nurse-midwife works closely to prevent health issues during pregnancy, to detect conditions that are not normal. Following her job description and the Health care policy, she can procedure medical assistance when there is a need and execute emergency skills. In the United States, there are two sort of midwifery: direct-entry midwives and nurse-midwives. Beside the license that they require to process before they practice, the majority of nurse-midwives are master’s degree holder. We have certified midwives. A midwife can work in any facility including hospitals, clinics, community health, at home. We will explore the workforces roles of midwife in community health unit and then in the hospital. In community health setting, nurse-midwife does: - prenatal care, she observes the evolution of the pregnancy, check how the fetus is growing. Depending on the stage, he gives advices concerning nutrition, the preparation to the child bearing; investigate if there are signs of abnormality such as preavia-placenta, infection, abortion. If necessary (because in that faculty usually the medical doctor is not always available) she can prescribe.-Counseling involving reproductive health. Example of the subject how to avoid AID/HIV/STD by using condoms, practicing sexual abstinence. Even though antiretroviral therapies have decrease the inpatients stays of AIDS patients (centers for disease control and prevention1999), it’s still important to increase youth and parents attention on that subject. – Family planning: the midwife will advice and apply different methods to avoid undesired pregnancy: condoms, spermides, shots (Depo-Provera), Norplant etc preparation of parenthood. The second service of our choice is hospital. In hospital, the midwife is responsible to give care during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. During the labor, the midwife assists in birthing process: encourage the new mother, gives advices and assist her to push. If something, then she can seek obstetrician assistance. During the postpartum, the midwife makes sure that he woman is not over bleeding, that there is no infection that she is psychologically stable, advice on breast feeding. Also after the delivery, she will clean the newborn; check if there is no sign of abnormality (“cyanoses or congenital deformities”, eye infection, yellow skin) if issues are found, she will take some emergency solutions.

Impact of midwifery on the organization. The main goal for every Healthcare is to provide the best quality care to patient that will allow them to remain healthy. Midwifery assists the Healthcare organization in achieving that goal. In fact, midwifery, according to international council of nursing (2002), promotes health, prevent illness, care of ill. Furthermore midwife has the ability and the opportunity to do research, participate inpatient and health systems management. Education is also an area where midwife performs. We can distinguish four areas of practice for midwifery within the organization: midwifery specialist, midwifery consultant, midwifery educator, midwifery manager.

Midwifery Diagram and summary. This diagram has two divisions. The division of administration and the division of care. The main purpose is to show the different types of...

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