Case Study 1

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Management Information Systems

Chapter One Case Study One
1) What do you think of Stacy Snyder’s story? Should she be denied a degree for publicly endorsing drinking to her underage students? To what extent do you believe that potential employers should explore social networking sites to validate the “goodness” of potential employees? Is there anything of your facebook page that might turn off potential employers? If so, are you going to take any action? I think that her case wasn’t handled properly because I don’t feel that it was fitting to deny her, her degree. That was the extreme consequence she could have faced and it shouldn’t have been taken that far. They could have easily told her to take it off or just tell her to make her profile private so that her students wouldn’t be able to see her profile. She should have gotten her degree because she did everything required to do so. Although she may not get a job from an employer who sees that picture, she should still get her degree from the school. I think that employers should have the full extent of looking at peoples social networks. Just because they’ll have a couple pictures of them drinking or attending parties does not mean that they will not benefit your company. It only means that some people are more open about their social life and willing to share that with the world. As long as you are able to take care of the work at your job and help your employers, what you do on your leisure time shouldn’t affect anything. There is nothing currently on my Facebook because I cleaned it all up last year when I started learning how it can affect my future employment opportunities. 2) The webcasting of funerals is an interesting example of the flatness of the world. Is this an invasion of privacy or do next-of-kin have the right to make such a decision? What other significant events in a person’s life might be suitable for webcasting? Identify at least three such events and then do some research...
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