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The cervix is between the vagina and the cervical plug. The vagina is known as the birth canal. Right on top of the cervix is the cervical plug, which has thick mucus that blocks the cervix to prevent infection. The cervix is in the lower part of the uterus that extends into the vagina. It stays tightly closed until birth is near. The uterus also called the womb, because it protects and nourishes the developing baby before birth (Winton 2013)

Some equipment that will be used during surgery will be various types of Padded stirrup and a special bed, laser, goggle.

Also some other supplies that will be used during surgery are antiembolitic hose, if requested, straight catheter to drain the bladder, small basin, water soluble lubricant, Telfa used for specimen, T- binder or sanitary napkin belt. (Goldman 2008)

During the procedure the patient will be ling in the Lithotomy position, which is flat on their backs, and there legs will be please in stirrups and draped.


The instruments set used for the D&C procedure is the D&C tray. The D&C tray has #3 and #4 knife handle, 8in. dressing forceps, Russian tissue forceps, Towel clamps, sponge forceps, Bozeman dressing forceps, Heaney needle holder, graves vaginal speculum, Auvard weighted speculum, Jackson vaginal retractor, Hegar uterine dilator set, Sims uterine sound, Tenaculum forceps, Sims uterine curette set (Frey 2008).


During the D&C procedure there will not be a mayo stand there will only be a back table large enough for all the instrument also during the procedure the surgeon will be using a suction device an electrosurgical unit (ESU), kick buckets, and sitting stool if required. (Frey 2008)


Carbopost (Hemabate) is a drug used to cause abortion by making contraction. Oxytocin (Pitocin, syntocinon) is used to in duce or continues labor. Another...
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