Categories of Computer Crimes

Topics: Crime, Police, September 11 attacks Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Computer crimes are criminal activities that involve using a computer and a network to gain unauthorized access with the intent of deleting, altering, or damaging computer data. Due to them being extremely versatile, establishing criminal and noncriminal behavior when in use can be very difficult at times. “According to the U.S. Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, by 2000 more than 300 million users around the globe accessed the World Wide Web. Of those, at least 1 million were engaged in illegal Internet activities (computer crime or "cyber-crime"). Cyber-crimes include Internet-related forgery, embezzlement, fraud, vandalism, and the disposal of stolen goods. The potential threat to the overall development of e-commerce was serious—so much that online security expenditures were expected to double to $30 billion in 2004” (Computer Crime – Definitions). The four most common categories of computer crimes are infrastructure attacks, technological facilitation, information attacks, and promotion.

Due to cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure companies being on the rise, I believe this presents the greatest threat at the present time. It allows damage to be done to services, facilities, and organizational structures needed for society to operate. The most well know event that caused pure devastation was the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. In order to prevent more incidents happening, all non-military planes were grounded and there was a great amount of response from law enforcement and medical rescue. This has gone beyond just a government problem; there is a need for private organizations to get involved as well. The FBI needs to continue working closely with other agencies and most importantly, the owners & operators of infrastructures. More outreach, informative websites, and training needs to be implemented as well.

“Information technology has played a great role in the emergence of networked terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda and...
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