Causal Uncertainty

Topics: United States, Democratic Party, World Trade Center Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: February 15, 2013
The 9/11 event changed a lot of lives, took a lot of lives, and changed every American’s everyday of living. We all remember where were, what we were doing, and who first let us know. We all remember like it was yesterday and we will always hold it in our hearts and never forget that feeling we felt when our stomachs dropped.

Every American’s way of life changed after that day. One thing that definitely changed was the racism towards Muslims. Muslims in my opinion are simply human just like everyone else and no reason to be racist against. A lot of people in America changed their views on Muslims and automatically believed they were bad people. Unfortunately, Muslims were the people that bombed the World Trade Center, but that doesn’t mean American’s racism percentage towards them needs to go up. The TV show “All American Muslim” on TLC shows that not all Muslims are dangerous. They are Muslim Americans and have the same rights we do. They aren’t aliens and deserve to be accepted anywhere they choose to go. In God’s eyes we’re all the same and there shouldn’t be any right, wrong, or different in a person’s appearance.

Another thing that definitely changed the way American’s live is the scarcity and the security. Right after 9/11 an airport wasn’t the same. Now, there is security everywhere and sort of ridiculous. America is the number one safest country in the world and after 9/11 our safety got 1000x better. Every Airport in America is ridiculously strict, but it’s for our own good. Worst case scenario, if a Muslim walks into an airport people automatically assumes the worst and that’s a good example of scarcity. Some get individually searched and that isn’t fair on their part. When you live in America you’re here to live like an American, get treated like an American, and have American freedom. People come to America to live a better life and improve their stability in life. Not to be hated against.
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