Cda and Power Relations

Topics: Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden Pages: 17 (6876 words) Published: April 22, 2013

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This study aims at finding the connection between language and ideology which is represented by language. Through the analysis of Obama’s speech it will be seen that how dominant forces exercise their power, maintain their superiority and show their dominance. In this study it is tried to show that how come dominant forces or groups adopt strategies which fulfill their personal interests. In other words through the application of critical discourse analysis the text is analyzed to see up to what extent dominance and power is seen in the words and speech of those in power. CDA always aims at exploring the way social power abuse and dominance are enacted in society. Words are not to be considered neutral but as having some particular meanings which are not always obvious to all readers.

Keywords: CDA, dominance, Obama’s speech, Power, Power realations

1. Introduction:
Language is a phenomenon which is related to our social and cognitive development right from our childhood and plays a very crucial role in the formation of our identity. Whatever we say always contains some meaning and represents our perception toward a certain thing or idea. Language plays a very important role because every action particularly a political action is accompanied and in fact influenced and played by the language we use. We have always got a particular way of understanding and perceiving language. And the way we perceive language builds the foundation of our social construction and individual as well as group relationships. And some branches of linguistics have tried to explain that what kind of relationship is there between the use of language and importance of perception. Because the way we make use of language tells our intention toward any important issue either political or social. Any discourse either spoken or written can emerge from many sources like cultural, social or power background. Language has always its surface and real meanings and surface meanings differ from that of real meanings, and it is in fact one of the aims of discourse to show how language is working and what context it is being used in. “..Using a language involves something that goes beyond the acquisition of structures and the ability to make appropriate choices in the realization of the particular language functions.” (Yalden, 1987, p 39). Every language finds its ways in discourse and in order to understand a speech or a text it so very necessary to get into the depth of that very spoken or written text and go for the context of it. Because unless the...

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