Topics: Childbirth, Europe, Family Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: March 24, 2015
SOCY215-001 Chapter5 Lei Kuan Weng SB319414 1. How do think your perspective on the number of children you want to have in your lifetime would differ if you lived in Western Europe as compared to living in sub-Saharan Africa? If I lived in sub-Saharan Africa, I probably would have six or seven or more children in my lifetime since I prefer more and more kids. In these developing countries, the perspective about give birth is the more the better. There are some reasons that affecting their mind. First of all, the health and medical conditions in these countries are bad and insufficient. A baby can hardly survive and grow up so that they need to give more birth. It is generally that people receive so little education. They do not know about population or fertility. They just think that having more children is having more labor force. Moreover, many families desired for sons. Since in most societies males have been valued more highly than females, it is easy to understand why many families would continue to have children until they have at least one son. Furthermore, if babies are likely to die, a family may have at least two sons in order to increase the likelihood that one of them will survive to adulthood.

However, if I were a Western European, maybe one or two kids for me is enough. It is because people will be motivated to delay marriage and limit births within marriage if economic and social opportunities make it advantageous for them to do so. Additionally, they have the knowledge and mastery of effective means of fertility control. (Words: 232)

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