challenge I faced in my life

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Family Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: November 9, 2013
It was a day which is still tickling in my mind when I remember it. I was waiting for the phone call from my family physician. Those moments of waiting were seemed like years. Finally the phone rang and I received that with trembling heart. Then my doctor said that the report was positive which made me so excited and at the same time so proud with a little bit fear. It was the report of my first time conception which is really a challenge for a woman specially in abroad as an immigrant without parents and relatives. When realized that I am going to be a mother, obviously that feelings made me not only so happy but also worried. Because I was an immigrant in Canada and just after nine months of arriving here I got pregnant. Nine months was not so long to become familiar with everything in a new country. Besides that, I had a job in a store of a food court which was also too hard to maintain after being pregnant. And we, the immigrants living here almost alone. Because most of our close relatives were in back home. All those reasons made my pregnancy a great challenge for me. Compare to the North American countries it’s easier to maintain everything for a pregnant woman in my country, Bangladesh. Because if I would be in my back home at my pregnancy period, I could get lots of supports from my family like parents and in-laws whenever I need any. Also in Bangladesh we can keep the maid servant because of cheaper labour rate. But here in Canada we have to do everything by ourselves which is very hard for an expecting mother. We have to maintain our jobs and household chores here simultaneously. At the period of my pregnancy my husband was a great support for me....
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