Child Birth

Topics: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Samantha Argubright
Child Development, 7th period
March 1, 2013

Childbirth Options
You probably wonder what really happens during pregnancy, how everything works and all the things you need to have to prepare for the child birth. Who will assist to deliver baby? Where will you have the baby? What kind of classes help you prepare?

You can deliver the baby at any hospital you want or at home. Usually families have house midwifes, medical professional trained to help woman through normal pregnancies and low-risk births. In 2009, 29,650 babies were born in their homes; this number represents less than 1% of all births in America. For many women, planning a home birth is the only way to go when expecting. Being at home can provide an added level of comfort and calm that just isn't possible in a busy hospital setting When you are ready for delivering the baby, there is the OB GYN or a midwife is in the room helping the mother through delivering. Some hospitals allow some family member’s to be in the room during delivery, some hospitals don’t allow any family member in the room. OB GYN is the doctor who specialized in the care of woman, perception period, pregnancy, labor and childbirth. OB GYN is where some mothers say they would go for since they know a little more than midwife. In child birth you can choose from different options sometimes. You can do a natural birth or have an epidural. Natural birth is when you have minimized medical intervention, non-epidural. Epidural is authentic used to produce loss of sensation in lower body. A lot of mothers choose epidural during birth, which seems much easier. There are different types of delivery you have. Some doctors choose for you, either cesarean delivery or vaginal delivery. Vaginal delivery is what 60-80% of mothers have chosen this, because it is more natural. Most doctors, advice you to take birthing classes so that you are prepared for birth. Helps you build confidence about your body’s ability to...
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