child soldiers

Topics: Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Pakistan Pages: 1 (491 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Committee: UNICEF

Topic: Child Soldiers


Topic Background: Throughout history children have been seen to have the most adaptable compatibility, especially during wartime. At an early age children can be trained to kill and do despicable things. This is because children have one barrier against these recruiters and that would be their family member. Once this barrier is gone, recruiters can easily cheery pick these children, and make them work for them and do terrible things. Now, some of the reasons why some children join these military factions could be the fact that they are doing it because of their own accord. Ex. Many teenagers lied about their age before joining the World Wars. On the other hand, there are bands of people who go out to run down places and just pick up children off the streets, so that they can train them and ship them off to fight their own wars. This could negatively affect a child’s mindset, and this is because the child was forced to do murderous or violent acts. Also, children get addicted to drugs so that they will feel better, after doing such horrendous acts, and this will ruin a child’s mindset once again. Past International Action: UNICEF has played a major role in the development for children all over the world. This organization that is part of the UN supports, raises, and helps develops the children that are in need so that they are able to live a successful life in society. DDR, a solution that has been backed by many nations has been a successful contributor to many societies where children need help to survive and be treated. Country Policy: The Delegate of Pakistan would like to illustrate the fact that there are child soldiers in Pakistan, but the cause for this tragedy is because of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Pakistan is deeply moved by the sheer number of child suicide bombers that are being hypnotized to bend to the Taliban’s will. Pakistan is doing whatever it can to stop this from continuing with...
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