Childbirth and Baby Girl

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Sudharma Madurawelage
ESL 302
Out of Class Essay writing No 01, Draft 2
Sep 30th, 2013

Most memorable Time on my life
I could not believe that I can love, much as I love my kids. Before my baby girl was born, I felt if I could have a one more child, that my son does not feel lonely. As my wished, the god blessed us. I gave a birth to my daughter on last year. The day my baby girl was born, I felt, that I am one of the happiest mothers in the world. Most memorable day in my life is on 29 July 2012, the day my little princess was born.

I moved to the USA, in 2011 December, with my 6-year-old son and my husband. After few days later, I felt something different going on with me. I went to see the doctor. It was a surprise to hear that, I was pregnant again. We were so happy, specially my son. He always told me, now he is going to have someone to play with him. It is very special thing to me either, because it will be a new experience having a baby girl.

After conceived my baby, for the first three month I did not feel well. I vomited several times in the day. I did not eat any solid food. Because when I was vomiting, it was hurt my throat. All the day I slept. My husband and my son, they helped me a lot during first three month of my pregnancy. Four months later, I did my day today work without getting any trouble. After six months, I had a scan test. Doctor surprised me that He told; I am going to have a baby girl. It was new thing for me. I had six years experience living with two male. I really wonder how I could manage my day today work with two children. In addition, I never forgot the time, which I had spent with my son for the first six years of his life. We were play together. We sang together. I remember his favorite thing in the day was bedtime stories and his favorite story was "Dinosaurs Alive"

It was extremely exciting the feeling, that I felt something unknown, was growing inside of me, it was...
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