Childbirth and Midwife

Topics: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: April 18, 2013
In many parts of the world today there are still many women who use a midwife verses using an Obstetrician Gynecologist. However in the United States fewer than three percent of women who give birth are attended to by midwives (Kram and Eckstein,1990). It is stated that “In the United States that childbirth has become increasingly medicalined and specialized, first with family doctors or general practitioners taking over the process, then obstetricians, and today, perinatologist. These physician specialists are trained to see birth as an abnormal or pathological process requiring heroic interventions, rather than a natural process” (Kram and Eckstein, 1990). Midwives however view childbirth and pregnancy in a different light. They tend to view childbirth and pregnancy as a natural process. “Midwives are trained to see birth as a normal, physiological life event throughout which women must make their own choices in order to have control over their own experience “(Kram and Eckstein,1990). The model of care that midwives go by is the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. The model of care includes monitoring all aspect of the woman well-being throughout the childbearing cycle, provide individualized care with hands on assistance during the birthing process, minimizing technological interventions, and identifying and referring women to obstetrical attention if needed (Midwife Alliance of North America,2013). I choose to do my research on midwives because I want to become one. The who process pregnancy and birthing intrigues me. The process is unique with every case and every woman handle and go through their pregnancy differently rather it be because health reason, religion, or simply because they wanted to go about the experience in a particular manner. Being a midwife I will see a lot of different things and face a lot of different challenges but the most rewarding part of the whole thing is bringing a new life into the world unharmed...
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