Childbirth and Midwifery Caring Person

Topics: Childbirth, Learning, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Caring person
Studied pregnancy

Midwifery became my passion at the age of 10, when my step-mother became pregnant. This sparked off my fascination with all aspects of pregnancy, insisting that I attended every antenatal appointment that I could. From this I discovered what a vital role midwives play in caring for mother and baby in the months leading up to the birth, the labour and the postnatal period. After having this interest for quite some time, I feel my aim now is to prosper in this subject by attending a university course; this will enable me to gain a greater understanding of the medical and practical side of midwifery. As two of my core qualities is to care and nurture, I feel I possess two of the vital attributes to pursue a career within the Health and My aspiration for a career in midwifery is reflected in my A-level choices, where good time keeping, self-motivated study skills and ability to cope under pressure and stress are essential. From studying Biology I have gained further knowledge of human biology, learning more about how our major body organs function and genes and genetic engineering. I found this particularly interesting as it is linked to reproduction. Since studying Psychology, I have gained a better understanding of people and how their minds perform. I can apply this knowledge to the way I interact and understand people in certain situations as my interpersonal skills have been expanded. Both of these subjects tested my ability to recall large volumes of knowledge, which has given me practice for similar situations that I will face whilst studying for a degree. Studying modules in Health and Social Care such as communication and values, and positive care environments has given me a greater awareness of how to communication verbally and physically to people, and how this is interpreted by them. Investigating disease has made me conscious of how easily diseases are spread, their effects and ways of preventing them....
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