Children and Prescription Drugs

Topics: Pharmacology, Drug, Medicine Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Children and Prescription Drugs
Within the past few years, more children are being prescribed atypical anti-psychotic medication. Anti-psychotic medications are harmful to children. Parents have a choice rather or not to put their children on this type of medication, but they usually let the doctors make that choice for them. However, doctors need to stop prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to children due to there being a lack of research on the long-term effects, also there are major health issues and side effects associated with these medications, and doctors need to educate parents and help them to find a healthier alternative. There is a lack of information regarding the long-term effects of taking atypical anti-psychotic drugs. Meanwhile, doctors continue to prescribe the medication and parents continue to give it to their children in hopes of controlling their mental illness. There is no evidence that these drugs are effective. These drugs are slowly affecting our children's brains and their developing bodies. (“Opponents Stress” par. 2) Therefore, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA need to conduct extensive research on these drugs to determine what the long-term effects are. Health problems and side effects are associated with taking atypical anti-psychotic drugs. Children taking these drugs will most likely have an increase in their weight gain. As a result, increased weight can cause children to develop type 1 diabetes as well as heart disease. They may also experience involuntary body movements. According to Victoria Tutag-Lehr, a pharmacologist and toxicologist who has studied the use of psychotropic medications in children, notes that the serious side effects associated with atypical anti-psychotic drugs might be more dangerous to children than adults. This type of drug can take the life of a child if it is not properly used under a doctor's supervision. Instead of doctors prescribing these harmful medications to children they need to educate the...
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