Children of Gaza

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The war at Gaza affected so many innocent lives, including the children and also the pregnant women. After watching the interview I felt really sad for the children who got killed and also for those who got injured/wounded. Knowing that there were hundreds of children that died in Gaza, hurts me so much.There were over a thousand children living there before, but now it's only down to less than 350 children. The people in Gaza cannot take refuge in other countries, they are just stuck in their own country where death is almost a part of their everyday lives. Pregnant women couldn't even get the medical attention they really need. The hospitals are always full of injured people and sometimes they are lacking the room for pregnant women who needs to give birth. Another issue is that the power outtage happens often, the babies who are supported by machines are also in great danger. The children, pregnant women, and the babies are all affected by the war. The children shouldn't be affected by this, they can't even play, watch the television or even get a decent education. They don't have anything to do than to hide from all the danger that the outside world brings. The sad thing about this is that almost everybody will have this experience with them throughout their entire lives, they will have to live with it. I hope that the people in Gaza, and especially the children, can get through this and I hope they can recover. My prayers are always with them.
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