Children of the Taliban: Values in Human Life, Friendship, and Family

Topics: Meaning of life, Pakistan, Taliban Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Watching the documentary ‘Children of the Taliban’ challenged and supported my values in human life, friendship and family. They were challenged in the scene of the suicide bombers and best friends Yassar and Adburaman. My values were supported in the scene with the young girl and her mother.

Either the Taliban or the Pakistan Army value human life. They do not care who they kill in order to win the war. In their Ideology, they believe that martyrdom is the ultimate sacrifice. The Taliban Army recruited children and adults that have lost their homes, to become suicide bombers. They are taking advantage of people when they are in a hopeless state and don’t really have another option. I value human life very greatly, even if my own life was in danger I would not take the life of another human being to save myself.

Friendship is very important to me and I value it very much. This value was challenged by two teenage best friends, Yassar and Adburaman. The two boys were interviewed in the documentary. Both came from the same city and grew up together, yet they are on opposing sides of the war. The interviewer asked both of them the same question: ‘Would you kill your best friend if you met them in battle?’ Yassar and Adburaman both gave her the same answer: ‘If he was doing the wrong thing, yes’. If I met my best friend in the battle field I would rather shoot myself then kill my best friend.

One of my most important values is family. I believe you should stick by your family no matter what happens. This value was supported in the scene where ‘Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’ interviewed a young girl and her mother. The interview was shot at a rehabilitation centre in Peshawar. All of the young girl’s family (besides her mother) had been killed and her mother suffered a severe spinal injury. She spoke of her dead relatives as if they had been dead for years, she showed little emotion. Even though most of their family is dead, they are still staying together and staying...
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