Chinese Zuoyuezi

Topics: Nutrition, Childbirth, Milk Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Yushi Wang
Zuo Yuezi in Chinese Culture
Confinement in childbirth or postpartum period is a traditional custom in China and many Asian countries or India from many hundred years ago, it refers to one month or more days break after giving birth to a baby and take really care of the mother’s diet and movement. The rules during the rest days are really strict, “not being allowed to go outside, have a shower or drink cold water for an entire month”, wrapping a long gauze around abdomen and hip, and eat the nutrition meticulous.

The first rule is not taking shower and touch any cold water or chilling by cold air. The difference between Chinese culture and American culture is that in America, doctor will advise the mother to take shower as soon as possible so that it can wash out all the bacteria in the skin. But the Chinese theory is “to avoid exposure to communicable diseases”, so the mom must stay away from the outside wind and cold water. To avoid the bad smell if not taking shower, Chinese mom will wipe the body using boiled water. As a Chinese girl, in my opinion, taking the shower very soon is necessary, but after that, during the rest days, lying in the bed will not need that much shower so follow the Chinese rule will help the health.

Second, wrapping the hip every day is really necessary, even the women is lying in the bed. The theory is, during pregnancy, all the organs in the body are squeezed in the small part by the fetus, after born the baby, all the organs need to be recovered to the right place, and the bondage is to help women stable in the body. But in America, I know almost all the women don’t care about their body recovery and go back to work very soon, I think that’s one of the reason of why many American women have an obesity body after especially the abdomen area, and according to the Chinese theory, if not helping the organ back to their right place, women’s health will be influenced including the gynecological diseases and also bad...
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