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Personal Perception of Organized Crime
Theresa I. Brown
Joseph Lynch

Describe or define organized crime
Human rights and security is threaten when there a crime is being organized. Organized crime undermines the development of the economic, social, cultural, political and different societies throughout the world. Organized crime can be develop by drug trafficking, firearms and a person with a motive. Organized crime can be established by a corrupted police officer. While some groups may have a positive influence for protection against someone who has meaningful impressive. For instance, City treasurer Cory Kemp is currently serving a 10 year sentence in federal prison for selling his office while under the administration of former Mayor John Street. Kemp was convicted of murder, drugs and money. The former mayor was not found guilty but there was a tape planted in his office in hopes to get him to confuse. Kemp intended to pay off systems of politics and the government. Corey Kemp was charged with 46 criminal counts which including conspiracy, extortion, money laundering and mail fraud (Anastasia, 2004). An organized crime is a group of people who came together to accomplish a common goal. There are several components to a successful and legitimate business even in an organized crime. According to Mallory (2007), an organized crime needs a leader for guidance and someone who will disturbed assignments. This unit will also need to have certain amount of people assigned to a supervisor who will control the operation, in order to remain focus they will also need an objective and an insulation someone with the ability to contact only their immediate boss or team members. Pyramidal structure which keeps the flow from a hierarchical chart for the more important decisions made by the boss. Principle of specialization who are the experts of the group for special job functions and something that we all need to function rules like never talking to the police unless your law is present. Personal Perception

My personal perception of an organized crime is a group of people with a common goal to destroy someone. For instance, the hijackers who destroyed the twin towers in 2001. They all came together and planned every detail of that horrible day that took the lives of others. Each of the hijackers were on their way to California. Each member of Al-Qaeda boarded a plane armed and ready to attack. Al- Qaeda main goal was to jihadist around the world under the Islamic law. The terrorist familiar their self with the airport and airplane in order for their plan to be efficient. Osama Bin laden wanted the United States to go to war, his hopes was to create an Islamic state ("Osama Bin Laden Biography", 2014). My perceptions of an organized crimes was the United States army and other organizations who were formed to fight in different countries for the people in the United States. The United States also has several organized crime such as the army, military and air forces. The army, military and air forces mission is to protect the citizens of America, creating and maintaining peace while they provide relief and supporting different policies and procedures around the world. Not all crime organizations are designed to destroy or create conflict. But to protect people and different corporations from fraud and corruption. Characteristics of organized criminal behavior

Some studies show that characteristics in criminal can be found at an early age. Such as a child being abuse physically abuse at a young age. That child may grow up and start stealing cars also known as grand theft auto. Characteristics of an organized criminal behavior is someone who is involved in criminal activity for a significant amount of money such as a hit man, A combination or conspiracy and a person who violate the criminal laws relating to prostitution, drugs, corruption, extortion, counterfeiting, loan...
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