Clinical Experience and Its Significance to a Neonatal Rn

Topics: Childbirth, Infant, Pediatrics Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Clinical Experience and its Significance to me as a Nurse

The responsibilities of a nurse are very elaborate. I currently work in a hospital, Level I - healthy newborn nursery, and Level II - intermediate care or special care nursery where the baby may be born prematurely or may be suffering from an illness; these babies may need supplemental oxygen, intravenous therapy, specialized feedings, or more time to mature before discharge. I am the person who helps with the delivery of a newborn baby and follow through the baby after the delivery is over. My usual day will depend on the assignment that I am given.There are many surprises in my field, some of which are most beautiful---the miracle of life! Rarely are surprises sad. Some surprises just get you an adrenalin rush, in which case you are thankful everything worked out. Birth is beautiful, miraculous, and probably the single most dangerous event that most of us will ever encounter in our lifetimes. It is remarkable that 90% of babies make the transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life perfectly smoothly, most only requiring basic stabilization, including thermal and airway management. Although approximately 10% of all newborn infants require some assistance at birth, 1% require full resuscitative measures as per the Neonatal Resuscitation textbook. Last week, as I come in for my regular 12-hour night shift to take report from the previous day shift, we got a call from the Labor & Delivery asking one of the Nursery nurses to come to the delivery for a STAT (emergency) Caesarian Section for a 33 weeker preterm delivery. The Neonatologist & myself came to the Operating Room right away. Not knowing what the mother’s other pertinent history at the time, we anticipated, prepared, and made sure we were equipped to deliver resuscitative care. My focus was all about the anticipation of delivery of a premature newborn. I turned on the radiant warmer right away, made sure there...
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