Cmi Level 7 Unit 7006

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Harley Owners Group Pages: 11 (3287 words) Published: November 27, 2012
1. Identify the current strategic aims and objectives
2. Undertake an evaluation of the component parts of a strategic plan 3. Analyze the factors affecting the strategic plan
The history of Harley-Davidson began in 1903, in a 10' x 15' shed located in the Davidson family's Milwaukee backyard. The Davidson brothers - William D., Walter, and Arthur – and William S. Harley crafted their first motorcycle using the best tools they had available – mostly their hands and their ingenuity.

Since that time Harley-Davidson has learned many lessons on how to operate a business. We are focused on providing our customers with not just a quality product, but also an overall experience. Our mission statement is as follows:

honesty, integrity and personal growth in all of our dealings with stakeholders. Our values are the rules by which we operate.

At Harley-Davidson, we are equally committed to a corporate vision that mandates how we run our business. Within this vision we emphasize the relationships that we deem crucial to our success, including our relationships with customers and suppliers. Our vision states: HARLEY-DAVIDSON, INC. IS AN ACTION-ORIENTED, INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, A LEADER IN ITS COMMITMENT TO CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE OUR MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH STAKEHOLDERS (CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, EMPLOYEES, SHAREHOLDERS, GOVERNMENT, AND SOCIETY). HARLEY-DAVIDSON BELIEVES THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS TO BALANCE STAKEHOLDERSí INTERESTS THROUGH THE EMPOWERMENT OF ALL EMPLOYEES TO FOCUS ON VALUEADDED ACTIVITIES.Doing Business With Harley-Davidson Our vision is our corporate conscience and it helps us to eliminate short term thinking, such as "cashing in" on the intense demand for our motorcycles by giving quantity precedence over quality to save a few dollars per unit. It also encourages every employee in our organization to be acutely aware of his or her role in satisfying our stakeholders.

Harley-Davidson has become the world leader in the super-heavyweight (850cc+) motorcycle market because of our unwavering commitment to continuously improve upon the superior quality of our products. This quality commitment is built on the satisfaction of each and every customer, internal and external, including everyone from our production line employees to our end users. This belief is captured within our quality policy statement: HARLEY-DAVIDSON IS COMMITTED TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT TO REDUCE WASTE, DEFECTS AND VARIABILITY IN EVERYTHING WE DO, WHILE STRIVING TO MEET / EXCEED CUSTOMERS' EXPECTATIONS. It is the goal of Harley-Davidson to satisfy our customers by not only meeting, but also exceeding their expectations and by giving them superior value for their money. We can accomplish this only if you, as a Harley-Davidson supplier, embrace our company's values and commitment to quality to the extent that we do. Our hope is that you will see reward in satisfying our customers, which are also your customers. Please remember you are not simply selling your products to Harley-Davidson, you are selling them to our customers. 1. Apply a range of strategic analysis tools to audit progress towards strategic aims and objectives 2. Review and assess the expectations of all stakeholders and their influence upon the organizational strategy 3. Analyze, interpret and produce a structured evaluation of organizational strategic position

Harley Davidson has always been known for its differentiated products that have continuously stood out from the norm. This has a lot to do with strategies Harley uses to promote its products and services.

Some of the key strategies used throughout 2013 were the promotion of its 110th Anniversary Special Edition Motorcycles and the worldwide Open Road Tour used to advertise their current production line.

The stunning 2013 model 110th Anniversary Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which feature rich new paint schemes and special 110th Anniversary identification has been an instant...
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